Oxy Toilet Cleaner

Oxy Toilet Cleaner – Case of 12


Product Description

Safely clean and sanitize your toilet bowl with the power of oxygen bleach. Not only does oxy2 keep your bowl looking and smelling great – it also helps to prevent future staining! Hip, Hip, Hooray …now your “Porcelain God” can reign clean!

  • Purchase by the Case! A savings of $15.28
  • free of phosphates
  • no abrasives, chlorine, or acids
  • fragrance-free, no noxious odors
  • no harmful ingredients

Also ideal for:

  • removing stains from corian sinks
  • sanitizing bath and baby toys (soak in your kitchen sink with 2 capfuls of powder and hot water)
  • removing mold from shower curtains (soak in the bathtub with 3 capfuls of powder and hot water)
  • for stubborn toilet stains, first scrub with Oxy Kitchen + Bath Scrub, flush, then sprinkle Oxy Toilet on the stains and let sit overnight

Twelve 1 pound bottles


Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants.


Dissolve 1 capful into your toilet and scrub with a brush. For tough stains, allow to sit for several minutes or overnight then flush.



Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in